Actions speak louder than words



As I’m packing up my kitchen, I’m fighting back tears. As much as I’ve hated Douglasville, my whole life has been here. I grew up here. Ran around with the wrong kids when I was a teenager here. Got saved here. Got lost here. Got ‘saved’ again (if you can be re-saved. I’m not asking for a debate here, either.) Had all 3 of my children here. Had 3 miscarriages. Like, my life has been lived here. I know these roads so well, yet I still forget how to get there sometimes. I always said if I left this town I would never look back. Just leave in a cloud of dust. I won’t tell you what I always thought I’d say. 😉

But what I never considered was that my daughter would still be here when I left.

Without faith, it says it’s impossible to please God. (Hebrews 11:6) The actual definition of impossible is “not able to occur, exist or be done.” That means that you could be doing everything else, i.e., “being” the church (by the way, keep your givings and the people you bless to yourself. Read Matthew 6:3-4. Quit bragging about yourself y’all), feeding the homeless, preaching, teaching, any ministry that you’re doing. If you’re doing these things, just going through the motions, praying for people but have no faith, you’re not pleasing God. Now I don’t know about you, but this was a major gut-check for me. I’m walking in obedience to God, but am I walking in faith?

This post is actually on parenting. I know I got a little off-track at first, but I had to lay things out for you. And maybe vent just a little.

What kind of example of faith are you being to your children? See, no one ever talks about the faith of Isaac. Only Abraham. I would think that Isaac had to have had as much faith, if not more, than Abraham. We don’t see anywhere that Isaac was like, “hey, dad, um, why are you tying me up?” or “hey, pops, why are you holding that knife over my head?” or “Dad, I thought you said God would provide the sacrifice? Where is it?” Why is that? I’ll give you my opinion.

Isaac knew that Abraham, not only spoke to God and had a relationship, key-word here y’all, with God, but that Abraham had faith that was pleasing to God. He showed Isaac in his everyday life. So for Isaac, there was no room for question. He just believed what his father told him. But Isaac also had a relationship with God. And I believe it was because Abraham’s actions spoke louder than his words.

If I’m packing things up and crying my eyes out in front of Bella, that shows her that I’m scared, nervous, etc. If I’m packing things up and praising God for His promise and speaking that over our lives, that shows her faith. No, I’m not saying it’s bad to cry about things. It’s okay to hurt and cry together because we won’t see each other as much. But while we’re crying, we remind each other that God doesn’t lie and this won’t be forever. Then we start rejoicing. That is what faith looks like.

So where do you stand? Are your children living by faith modeled by yours?

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