Give Us A King

this is good hard truth


There are two types of Christian’s today in the world.  One type are spiritually mature.  When trouble comes they begin to apply and speak the Word over their adverse circumstances.  They are full of faith, prayer, praise and thanksgiving to a God that is real.  They surround themselves with others of likeminded faith that will encourage them to stay the course. Simply, even though not perfect, they know who they are and whose they are!

The other type of Christian are spiritually immature.  When trouble comes they firstrun to people i.e., family members, friends or co-workers and church leaders.  They begin to look for someone else to fight their battles, someone else to do their praying and believing.  They want the youth pastors to fix their rebellious kids.  And when things don’t change over night, it’s the Church’s fault for not intervening fast enough, eventually blaming others becomes a…

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