Life as I know it 

One thought on “Life as I know it ”

  1. Prayer is everything. I lost my faith for awhile. Just remember that everything you are going through is to prepare you for something in the future. I wanted to give up and thought my children would actually be better off without me. Then, one night after I spent 2 hours trying to console a crying child and ended up with 3 kids in a full size bed, with me, while we were living at my grandparents house, I broke down. I prayed for the first time in months. Really prayed. Not for answers, not for him to come back, not to understand why, but that I could find the strength to forgive him. I also prayed for him to find a way to listen to God, even if just for a second. That’s when things started to change, for me. Just remember, He is listening. Keep praying and eventually the answers will come.

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